Teaching THE Way Home…FOREVER !

YES we build physical homes for these destitute families that allows them to survive in their time on this earth BUT those are temporary in the BIG picture…

Our main goal is the one you read under our logo  ” BUILDING FAMILY TODAY … AND HOMES FOREVER”…for Widows & Orphans in their distress.



We teach in three specific ways:

  • We teach the Granny Families through our Granny-coordinator, Pastor Richard Mudde. He visits each of our families in small groups twice a month for Bible study.
  • We teach the local (never formally trained) ‘Pastors’ through our one year Pastors Enrichment class.
  • We teach the Explorers Club (from The Mail Box club ) through the local village schools surrounding TWH’s compound in Nasuti.

TWH’s staff Teacher for the village School Program is Paula Mundodo. Presently she has classes totalling over 300 children learning about the kingdom of heaven that belongs to them…their FOREVER Home !

 ”Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

Feeding a SEA of hungry souls in Uganda

A personal update from Paula, The Way Home’s outreach teacher in local village schools, where the majority are Muslim. As you can see the classes are large..but very hungry for this ‘new teaching’. The Gospel
“Praise Jesus, second term is nearing its end. I have 45 kids in primary four, 51 kids in primary five and in both classes 65 kids are saved 10 are not yet and the rest are not sure, am so far on lesson 10 with these two classes. These two classes are my very first classes in mail box series. on 28th-June-2016, i started teaching primary six which has 43 kids and i am now on lesson 6. These three classes are all from one school called Victoria Day and Boarding Primary School. I teach at this school two days a week on Tuesday(primary 6) and Thursday(primary 4 and 5) for two hours on both days. Similarly i started teaching at another school called Nabukone Primary School in term two. i handle only one class primary 5 which has a total of 172 kids whom i teach every Friday for one hour and i am on now lesson 4. A thorough report of these three classes will be sent when i finish all the lessons in each classes. I received 300 mail box books but i have a bigger number of children than the books. Attached are photos of the children.”

Pray for Paula:
That her joy will be contagious,
her perseverance unwavering, and the lasting Fruit…ABUNDANT!

Praise The Lord with us for this unlikely opportunity to share the only Truth that will satisfy hungry souls ????


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