Richard grew up in. the village of Embolie, near Mbale. He has five siblings. His father died young and was raised by his mother, than after she remarried his Granny raised him.

He grew up in the Church of Uganda (Anglican) and went through confirmation, but then one night he had a vision that he needed to be saved. The next morning in church there was a visiting pastor who preached on salvation and he went forward and accepted Christ. He completed senior 4, and then took two semesters at UBS( Uganda Baptist Seminary), was preaching door to door, and then went to “teacher’s college” and got a job teaching primary 3. He was feeling that God wanted him back in the field. That is when he heard about this job.

He started working with The Way Home in January 2016 and is currently the Granny Coordinator. He loves the opportunity to preach salvation to the grannies, their grandchildren, and neighbors. He has reported many people including Muslim neighbors accepting Christ.

He finds the motorcycle (with muddy road conditions) to be a challenging part of his job . He is now in a diploma program at UBS and must spend three weeks in August and November in class. His job of Granny coordinator is helping to provide the shillings for those classes. He asks for prayer that he chooses the right marriage partner and that he saves the money to buy a home.

Richard Mudde: The Way Home’s Granny Coordinator: daily travels by boda (motorcycle) to do a circuit (350 km./month!)  teaching and shepherding TWH’s 73 granny-families in God’s Word through the vehicle of the Mail-box club program lessons and leading them by Word & deed to The WAY Home in Jesus đŸ™‚


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