Granny Topirista has a huge family.
Maybe that’s why her smile is magnetic.
A lovely and not complaining woman.
Her mom stays in the bigger house next to her terrible shelter.
home for NINE not the one that looks like a house but the lean-to on the right
home for NINE! …no, not the one that looks like a house , but the lean-to/shack on the right…
I asked why doesn’t she and the kids she cares for stay in there?
Alfred (our GM and Construction manager) understood the practical part but sometimes even the most practical solution can’t overcome culture.
She stays outside because once a daughter or son leaves the home of the parents they can’t go back.
There are exceptions but it looks like this is not one of the exceptions.
Mainly Topirista cares for the 5 children of her deceased son ranging from ages 8 to 15. In this culture some men (particularly the past generation) took more than one wife and the wives are called “co-wives”. Christianity is making some progress in helping the people of Uganda on this topic. Actually we may be surprised at such practices, but we shouldn’t let that deter us.
We can take a lot of lesson’s from the Ugandan ethics and practices we do not follow. It’s the poverty and existence of so many widow’s and orphans and the introduction of Hope of Jesus Christ we strive to promote.
In addition to the 5 children of her deceased son (Topirista had 9 children of her own!), Topirista cares for the 3 younger children of her deceased co-wife.
Topirista is another of our Hero’s!
To top it off, her mom is living and blind. A better sense of humor I have not seen and I’ve seen some good ones. In fact when we were introduced she said: “it’s good to see you” and she laughed and clarified saying: “I don’t really see you because I’m blind but I know you are there”. Topirista’s mom is 88, caring for two children of Topirista’s deceased brother, Moses.
For reasons you now know, Topirista will have her home be the first The Way Home construction team will build this coming 2016 as soon as possible, beginning January!
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