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That was the question Dominick, our 8 year old grandson, asked just before we tucked him into bed last night!

His question hit me like a ton of bricks… it never occured to me that the finality of adoption had been on HIS wish list too. After all, he and Samson (his 3 year old brother) have lived with us for over 2 years now…awaiting the unavoidable barrage of paper work involved in state foster care adoptions. But as I thought about it again… the NEED for all people to permanently belong to a family…I asked myself, “why wouldn’t he want to hear those words ‘it’s final!-you are officially part of our forever family now”…even from his Nana and Papa?

I assumed the stability, love and bonding over these two years of living together as a family, would have caused his level of ‘assurance of son-ship’ to replace any anxiety of finishing the final step! By God’s grace, I have never experienced the earth shattering loss of confidence that must surely give way to fear and lack of trust in all relationships in a child, when a parent can no longer care for them.

Once again, I am humbled by the responsibility and awed at the privilege of parenting, and have been awakened AFRESH to all I have taken for granted. Through the mouths of babes!

I don’t take these life lessons lightly… I have learned that each is a part of the preparation to serve the Lord to do the good works that He has prepared in advance for us to do as HIS children (Ephesians 2:10) Thank you ABBA Father…for adopting me into your forever family…Officially !!

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