Granny Florence is number ONE!!!

Granny Florence is number ONE!!!

How on earth does one choose from 19 grannies all struggling to survive in the circumstances they’ve been given?… This one has no latrine…this one is living with animals in her house, but this one is crippled….this one has more orphaned children that are young, this one has crumbling walls and many holes in her iron sheet roof …

We believe, after discerning these variables, the one chosen first, was God’s decision….
Introducing HIS first choice: Granny Florence and her six young grandchildren ages 2-14!

Florence does not know how old she is but on the day that we came to officially read the agreement that would provide her with a new home and a latrine, she literally dragged her lame legs and cataract covered eyes across the dirt and over to the grass mat to be within inches of the reading of the agreement, so as not to miss a word.

With tears, a hand-clap from the gathering crowd and an THUMBPRINT for a signature the ground was broken for her new castle in the village!

Pastor Alfred and Russ prepare for the ceremony!

This was the life of Granny Florence and her 6 orphaned children:
In approximately 3 weeks, with an investment of about $2,000.00 this Granny’s house will be finished and her life and the future for her 6 grandchildren will be forever changed.
Having a proper latrine and bathroom, a new house with separate bedrooms for she and her young grandchildren will empower this family to survive and prosper with God’s help.

Your generous sacrifice to support this ministry both prayerfully and financially is the catalyst to bearing lasting fruit for the Kingdom!
We remain merely the feet that God has called to bring the Good News of His generous and obedient followers desiring to be an ACTIVE part of making a difference for ONE child and family at a time in Uganda…according to His Word and by His power …ONE STEP AT A TIME…

To GOD be the GLORY!!!


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