Joy & Purpose giving this Christmas!


One Family decided this Christmas their family gift exchange would set a NEW tradition. A tradition of giving that will make a real difference in the lives of FAMILY. Instead of choosing names and dollar limits for a family gift exchange … they decided to pool their family giving dollars and build a house.  Not just any house, but a house for a destitute Widow struggling to raise her own orphaned grandchildren after burying  her own children.

The Way Home identifies these women living in poor conditions, often living in mud huts in remote areas of Uganda.   For just $2,200 you can bless a grandmother this Christmas with a new brick home!  In addition to their new home, they will receiving training and mentoring for sustainable farming through Farming God’s Way Biblical Worldview program.  This farming program will assist the grandmother in increasing her yield up to ten times and, most importantly, Faith in God’s provision.   Each new home purchased also includes a latrine as well as weekly Bible teaching and preventative medicine.

Celebrate the birth of Jesus by making a difference this Christmas, prayerfully consider giving a new home for a widow in place of a family gift exchange, office exchange or just because you want to make an impact this year.