Living in a third world country with it’s lack of infrastructure and conveniences is not always easy… add that fact to raising three young rough n tumble boys in that same 3rd world country!!


Here is a little snippet of the personal side of our missionary life in Uganda recently with our 6 year old grand/son Sam after a traumatic fall from a ‘fort’ that he persisted on sleeping in: buckle your seat belt!

a day in the best Uganda has to offer

a day in the best Uganda has to offer

How to delete sound & light in a Kampala traffic jamb??

How to delete sound & light in a Kampala traffic jamb??


JOURNAL: WEDNESDAY 3/27 “NO ER’s in Uganda!” Now 18 hrs. later… from the dark and quiet of our hotel room where we camp out closely observing our little Sam with great anticipation of his full recovery in due time (10 days to 5 weeks) I recall how the day began much louder… At 3 a.m. this morning when we were jolted awake by an awful thud…then silence…then terrible moaning from our 6 year old Samson who had fallen 8 ft. head first to his tile bedroom floor…I am shaking and speechless…as the color is gone from his face and the swelling of his whole face competes with the rise of the bumps on the back and top of his skull…God is with us…never left our side…just as He promises! we calmly just do the next thing on our minds…and call our EMT/missionary friend answers his phone!!! he makes a house-call at 3:30 a.m!!) to evaluate…pupils are reactive..good sign…”if he were mine…I would get a scan to make sure there are no ‘bleeds’ …oh my….the moaning continues…he says..”Nana my brain hurts…make it stop!!…it’s getting too big!”…We call our nurse/missionary friend…no answer….we continue with ice packs..and the vomiting begins…every 5 min…then we reach our doctor who says get him to Kla asap…we need to do a brain scan…see if you can get some Prednisalone to reduce the swelling…we pack…we pray…Our “nurse/missionary/friend” answers and’ happens’ to have the meds to reduce swelling…we pick it from her at 6:45 on our way out of town for the 2 hr.trip to Kampala….traffic… vomiting…praying…now MY head is pounding with sympathy pain…wishing it could be me and not him…wishing I could teleport our van..our Sam a 1st world ambulance and a first world ER…away from the bumper to bumper traffic jamb that was keeping us from our best 3rd world resources for our little Sam totally dependent on our making the pain ‘go away’…texts go out to our BIG family near and far for prayer…as the prayers begin the peace comes…and the answers…SCAN IS CLEAR! No bleeds!!! 1st world resources…might give me more immediate peace…the peace that the world can give…but the transcendent peace that passes all understanding has been ours from the moment we were jolted awake to this day that God had made. 18 hours later we still have a very sick boy…but we have great promise for his full recovery and great proof of our God who will never leave or forsake us…who is with us always…wherEVER He has planted us for such a time as this…THANK YOU BIG family for the part you played in our 3/27 from your knees 🙂 We love you

March 29th: GOOD FRIDAY 6:45 a.m. after-the-fall I am awoken with this monologue from my sleeping buddy in the hotel…Sam : “Nana…it’s morning-time and God has answered our prayers!!! I am normal again!!!!!…God healed me! I can see light and hear sounds and it doesn’t make me throw up…I’m normal Nana…….can we go swimming today ??? ” then without waiting for an answer…he turned over and went soundly back to sleep 🙂

Praise The Lord…He can see the light! … WE CAN ALL SEE THE LIGHT …Praise the Lord who hears and answers our prayers 🙂

April 1st: NO APRIL FOOLING :  just arriving home to Jinja after our emergency exit to Kampala for Sam…He is doing SO well! Just before arriving home tonight he said “Nana & Papa…do you know what the great news is??” we said ..what is it Sam? He says “that I can SEE the Sun without a headache… God heard all of the prayers of our friends and healed ME!”

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24

 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Hebrews 4:16


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