Sponsor a Runner

Sponsor a Runner

Did you ever consider RUNNING for a PURPOSE? One busy mother of five felt like that’s what God was asking her to do. She set a goal to train for a marathon in order to raise enough support to build one home for a granny family….but by the time race day came so many people had heard about what she was doing, she raised enough for not just one, not two and not even three…but she got enough support to build FOUR granny-family homes to give a hope and a future to 4 grannies raising a combined 34 orphans!  Now that’s an accomplishment that lasts long past the finish line!

Do you want to be part of running for a purpose?  Sign up to run in a locally organized race, then start getting the word out in what ever creative way you choose, to invite others to support building a home for a granny-family and see what God does with your efforts to sacrifice for some of His destitute one’s in Uganda…


commit to a sacrificial  donation to another runner here, and run for a purpose with a team!