COUNT-ON-IT! support

COUNT-ON-IT! support

Can we count on you?  Giving a regular monthly donation that we can count on is one of the best ways to help our  widows raising  orphans  not only to survive…but to thrive!  A dependable donation helps us stabilize these family’s lives. It helps us respond to emergency health crisis . It helps us plan ahead seminar’s to train more grannies, pastors & community Farming God’s Way to give them the best chance at ongoing food security. By making a monthly donation, you’ll be helping not just one orphan or widow, but many families… and the community they live in.Giving a monthly gift means we can:

  • help vulnerable Granny-Families wherever and whenever the need is greatest, for example during emergencies;
  • plan and sustain long term programs for these vulnerable Families so we can build strong foundations now and prepare them the future.

Read how your support could help Granny-Families like Granny Getulida and her 14 orphans, Granny Aidah and her 9 orphans and Blind Granny Faith and her 6 orphans.

Do something amazing today. Commit to regular ‘count-on-it” donation to make an impact on these vulnerable families…and enjoy the benefits of the impact it will make on your own life!